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Thank you for signing up to our monthly newsletter. This newsletter is to keep you in the loop with all things Hadley Jo. This will include research progress, upcoming fundraising events, and most importantly, updates on Hadley Jo. President/Mother Ashley Brindley, created this newsletter to keep everyone up to date and give a closer insight to her family’s story. A quote from Ashley:

“Our journey has been a long and bumpy one, but the good that we’ve seen come from this in our communities is astonishing. The love and support we have received for this foundation has been nothing short of incredible. On behalf of the entire Brindley family, we are beyond grateful for the contributions and sacrifices we’ve seen so many people make for our daughter. We feel that we owe it to those who have been there for us to post updates on what’s going on with Hadley Jo, and how her life has been impacted by these efforts. Again, we thank you tremendously for your generosity and support, and would love to have you become a part of our growing family.”

-Ashley Brindley, Foundation President



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